Realise the full value of your assets

A compelling case for the funding you need

iAM OMNI empowers field service providers to easily capture valuable asset maintenance service data and future requirements so your next maintenance budget submission will be backed by the data and evidence you need to substantiate it.

Support for more accurate and detailed asset lifecycle planning

iAM OMNI empowers your subject matter experts in every buildings and facilities asset class to easily capture and update the asset value, expected replacement timing, replacement cost and together with the service maintenance history and expected future maintenance estimates; you will have all the data you need to support accurate lifecycle planning and intelligent asset replacement decisions.

Realise the full depreciation benefits of smaller assets flying under the radar

iAM OMNI empowers your field and office based teams to uncover, quantify and realise the millions of dollars in previously unclaimed asset depreciation benefits by enabling clustering of lower value individual assets into material asset class depreciation claims.
Stakeholders will be amazed and delighted when the financial value of your intelligent asset data resolves the trade-off and tension around funding more tangible community initiatives without neglecting lower profile but essential, maintenance expenditure.

Reduce the organisational risks and individual liabilities re non-compliance

Keep on top of your BCA and ESM compliance

With Australian law now providing for criminal liability, as well as organisational penalties for non-compliance with BCA and ESM obligations, keeping on top related compliance is even more critical.

iAM OMNI gives you the power to schedule compliance related asset maintenance and provide service providers compliance checklists specific to asset type to be easily completed on site.

Be audit-ready and instil confidence in your compliance program

iAM OMNI gives you the power to use a map with easy drill down capabilities, integrated asset service histories linked to each asset, records of the who, when and where compliance related checking and servicing.

This ability to readily communicate and demonstrate your compliance activities and plans gives, not only you and your management confidence, but will also help build the confidence of auditors and inspectors in your competence and diligence.

Accelerate reactive incident resolution times with asset location intelligence

Location intelligence capability

There’s a location element to nearly every asset management challenge. Particularly when you need to maintain assets that are located in: in multi-storey buildings, in ceilings, under floor boards, along with outdoor assets above and below ground. iAM OMNI provides the powerful and easy to use technology to combine geographic and asset information for true location intelligence re buildings and facilities assets, wherever they are.

The right asset location available at the right time to the right person is powerful

The powerful and flexible location intelligence available 24 x 7 in iAM OMNI means field workers can use visual map displays and geospatial location data to rapidly locate hard to find assets in need of maintenance and other surrounding assets that may be the ultimate cause of the reactive maintenance issue – saving time and money (and your team being woken up).

Better schedule, visually track and manage preventative maintenance

Schedule and track recurring servicing for asset preventative maintenance

iAM OMNI gives you the power and flexibility to schedule recurring servicing for assets requiring preventative maintenance on the frequency that you see fit and one can also configure the visual alerts and traffic light status indicators designed to clearly and visually communicate whether a service is almost due, completed or overdue, in a way that lines in a spreadsheet or table just can’t emulate.

Standardised and consistent approach across all service providers

iAM OMNI will be used by your panel of maintenance service providers and provides a standardised and consistent approach regardless of the service provider allocated the work or the field technician on the job on that particular day.

Recapture your valuable asset and maintenance related intellectual property

Reduce the impact and risk of replacing or adding new service providers

Asset knowledge is power, but you as the asset owner, should be the one that owns and controls all of the important intellectual property (IP) associated with the asset metadata and valuable information like the specific geospatial location of the asset. iAM OMNI gives you the power to capture and control this valuable asset knowledge in your system, rather than in your service providers’ systems, which streamlines the transition to a new service provider, giving you the confidence to remove a service provider that isn’t performing, without the risk of losing the knowledge gathered from the work they performed for you.

Minimise the impact of losing a team member with valuable knowledge

Similar to the risk of losing the valuable asset data when changing a service providers, one can also be exposed when long serving, but not necessarily high performing, individuals choose to leave your organisation. Years of local specialist knowledge may walk out the door. Whilst some of that impact can’t be avoided, iAM OMNI is designed to capture much of this at risk knowledge so it’s available to others and easily accessible to minimise the friction when a new starter is required.