A recent article published within Government News stating that “One in four councils don’t know which roads they manage” . A Grattan Institute survey found that more than 75% of Australia’s roads are managed by councils yet an ‘extraordinary number’ of them don’t know which roads they are responsible for. If this is you, continue reading and see how our platform has this issue covered.

The challenges in managing your road network
A survey of 81 councils in mid 2023 discussed operations, funding, asset management practices and the many challenges that are faced in managing their roads. It was found that “1 in 4” councils didn’t know exactly which roads and bridges they managed. Remote councils were even more in the dark. Be sure to read Government News to learn more.

How we can help solve this problem
Omni provides real time solutions to your road asset infrastructure through providing precise geographic fault information, clear visibility, digital twin modeling, audit and compliance and reduced data drift through our user friendly platform. See how Yarra Ranges Shire Council had a return on their investment in under 12 months. Want to know more Road Infrastructure Resurface Planning Made Easy

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