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iAM OMNI has been named ‘Top APAC Government Technology 2020’

Intelligent Asset Management

Here at iAM OMNI, our purpose is to help asset managers to realise the full value of your assets by harnessing the power of intelligent asset management software. Specifically designed to make managing buildings and facilities assets easier and more effective for all concerned, iAM OMNI delivers real value without the need for additional resources.

We come from a foundation of over 100 years of collective experience in servicing and maintaining buildings and facilities related assets for local government and other asset intensive organisations. Over time we started to see all the missed opportunities for organisations to extract more value for the people involved and the communities they serve. In response, we formed iAM OMNI and set about creating and refining a modern cloud based system that comes with decades of field maintenance service delivery and management experience built in to capture the value of those missed opportunities for organisations like yours.

We appreciate how tough it is to get all the funding you need to do the job as effectively as you would like. So, our system and approach to intelligent asset management means that your budget and funding submissions will be well placed for approval, as they’ll be backed by compelling asset value and maintenance data captured throughout the year with existing resources. Adopting our proposed commercial model will also mean that you won’t have to include software licensing for our system in your budget submission.

We look forward to an opportunity to chat with you about how we can make your life easier and improve your results without additional resources – so you can start to enjoy the recognition that you and your team deserve as you deliver greater value for all stakeholders.

Meet our team

iAM OMNI has established a team of highly motivated and experienced people dedicated to influencing the way Asset Management is managed and administered. The team’s priority is focusing on delivering the most innovative, interactive and modern global software available where every stakeholder is considered and catered for.

Eugene Hansen


Eugene is the founder of iAM OMNI with over 35 years experience in building and maintenance. He has been a successful SME owner operator for over 27 years in trade service delivery.

Chris Hall


Chris has a long and successful career in the Finance & Banking industry, and is a highly regarded SME Entrepreneur Consultant & Investor – specialising in risk management and analysis.

Paul Elliott


A client management and IT professional, spending the better part of 20 years working in Facilities and Asset Management, Paul is strategically focused and committed to improving customer experience.

Michael Richards


Michael, a Software Engineer from a future era, is truly an expert programmer and developer, Michael has extensive knowledge and skills in JavaScript, Html, PHP and SQL. As Chief Programmer, Michael’s focus is on maintaining and improving the iAM OMNI software.

Jesse Spence


A skilled auditor who is committed to ensuring exceptional in-service delivery, Jesse has studied a BA of Commerce and BA in Property and Real Estate. Jesse’s primary focus is integrating client’s workflow processes into iAM OMNI seamlessly.

Fiona Hall


Fiona is the Finance Manager for iAM OMNI, and holds a strong passion for economic affairs. With a proven and experienced track record, Fiona is well versed in all aspects of the finance industry, allowing her to provide much valued strategic direction to iAM OMNI. 

Jessica Shakespeare


With a BA in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, and a background working for government and council in both Australia and the United Kingdom, Jessica has over 7 years experience in the media industry.

Our background

iAM OMNI was originally developed by Eugene Hansen, who has over 35 years hands on involvement in the delivery of Asset Management and Trade Services.  Throughout Eugene’s experience, he had gained firsthand knowledge and understanding of the key challenges surrounding Asset Management.

When beginning with iAM OMNI, the variety of expertise and experience from our team members, combined with our Development Partners in Local Government and Private Enterprise, enabled us to narrow our development and focus so that our product would be ready to offer a Geospatial Asset Information System (GAIS) software solution at our 2018 product launch.

iAM OMNI is proud to offer, through affordable licensing, the ability to begin mapping and managing assets, internally, externally, above and below ground like never before.

iAM OMNI is building a reputation as the Software solution that supports people while enhancing existing systems which, in turn, improves enterprise software outcomes.  Our Vision of ‘providing better outcomes with less effort’ is now being achieved.

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